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Instructions: Enrollment is required before Your Company can use the emergency response call center. To learn more about this service or to request a quote, contact support.


The emergency response call center provides immediate critical response information for incidents involving dangerous goods and hazardous materials 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. It acts as a central point of contact for emergency responders, manufacturers, shippers, consignees, carriers and government agencies during hazmat response (such as spills occurring from waste shipments by rail car, aircraft, or vessel). The call center regularly receives information from the EHS Compliance Center™ including safety data sheets to enable hazmat response.


Resources used by the call center include, but are not limited to, over four million safety data sheets; a regularly updated hazmat database that provides information on medical treatment, cleanup instructions, personal protective equipment compatibility, chemistry; Farm Chemicals Database and Handbook; an Equipment Register; Directory of Chemical Producers Handbook; Palmtop Emergency Action for Chemicals; AAR Emergency Guides; Chemical Abstract Services database; and Railway Equipment Guide.