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Instructions: To ensure that the document is added in a timely manner, submit a clear legible copy of the safety data sheet. All safety data sheets submitted are added to keep employees informed and to comply with OSHA §1910.1200, et al. regulations. Properly timely submittal of safety data sheets helps to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

New Chemical Submittal

The Hazard Communication Standard requires that producers of chemicals have the primary responsibility for disseminating safety data sheets. A safety data sheet must be distributed to the customer/department during the first shipment of a product. After a new safety data sheet is received, submit it to the EHS Compliance Center (where all employees will easily be able to access it) using the below options .

If product must undergo a chemical approval process, submit a request for approval:

If a chemical approval process is not required, attach the safety data sheets as an individual *.pdf file and email to:

For initial bulk submittal, mailing copies of bulk documents to the following address:

Safety Data Sheet Revision Submittal

The EHS Compliance Center relies on safety data sheet revisions submitted by each department. Unless specifically under contract, staff members do not actively pursue the manufacturer for the latest safety data sheet revision offered. This way your employees are informed of the hazards of the exact product they are exposed to; rather than the hazards of the latest product released, which may be still off-site, at a distributor's warehouse and contain different ingredients and hazards. Once the chemical manufacturer or importer learns of "new or significant information" regarding the chemical's hazard potential, they must update the safety data sheet and transmit the new information with the next shipment of a product made. Once you receive this revision, submit it to the EHS Compliance Center where it will be available to all employees by the following method.

Attach the safety data sheets as an individual *.pdf file and email to: