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Instructions: When confronted with a toxic substance on the job, many workers rely on the safety data sheet to inform them of the substance's hazards. However, often safety data sheets have inaccurate or missing information, leaving workers uninformed and at risk. The CASRN Validator was designed to help prevent ingredients from being misrepresented allowing for hazards to be properly detected. A CASRN, which stands for Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number, is assigned in sequential, increasing order when the substance is identified by CAS scientists for inclusion in the CAS REGISTRY database. All CASRN follow a defined format. This page helps auditors find issues that may occur from mistakes on the safety data sheet.

There are 3,421+ ingredients, which were obtained from safety data sheets, that are categorized by this system for the substance's hazards. The following is a list of all ingredients entered within this system that do not follow the strict CASRN format. These ingredients may present issues when categorizing substances.

  1. All other nuisance dusts from organic and inorganic sources including cements

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  2. Portland Cement

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