Site Remediation

JNH has extensive capabilities and experience in soil and groundwater contaminated site remediation. We determine the extent of target analytes and their migration pathway. We specialize in clean-up, containerizing, labeling, manifesting, shipping, and disposal of contaminated and hazardous waste. The key advantage we offer over competitors is our ability to provide turnkey services, which means we are able to handle all phases of the project from the initial investigation to providing certification of site remediation. This reduces costs by eliminating multi-vendor management and expedites execution and completion of the project.

We are capable of providing the full range services, equipment, and support necessary for remediation services. Our approach combines years of experience into turnkey services. JNH has experience with remediation projects ranging from small cleanups to large industrial sites with numerous contaminations. JNH utilizes proven methods, timetables, and budget estimates for environmental remediation projects. Our zero incidents policy aims to completely eliminate all events that result in an injury, property damage, and lost of time.

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