Noise Assessment

JNH has been conducting noise assessment for years. The objective of our assessments is to obtain noise dosimetry measurements of personal noise exposures over the work day and measure various noise sources. Personal noise exposures are measured using NoisePro DL personal noise dosimeters (or equivalent). NoisePro DL instruments are next-generation dosimeters equipped with default setups that automatically configure the instrument to meet current noise compliance standards. These devices are calibrated prior to use and calibration is verified after use. The NoisePro DL measures a number of noise level variables such as LAVG, LEQ, slow, and fast at fixed 1-minute intervals.

LAVG is simply the average sound level measured over the run time of the device. If a threshold is set and noise levels drop below the threshold, any amount below the threshold is not included in this average. LEQ is the true equivalent sound level measured over the run time of the device. The term LEQ is functionally the same as LAVG except that it is only used when the exchange rate is set to 3dB and no threshold is set.

SlowMax and FastMax refer to the maximum slow and fast response readings. Slow and fast responses are used because typically noise is not constant. Slow and fast responses help to smooth the noise fluctuation making the sound level easier to work with. The terms slow and fast refer to very specific time constraints. OSHA requires slow readings which fluctuate less than fast readings.

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