EHS Compliance Center™

The EHS Compliance Center™ is a secure cloud-based comprehensive environmental, health, and safety solution that adapts to match organizational requirements.

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Chemical/Product Management Effectively manage and disseminate chemical/product information throughout your facility using our proven tools.

Safety Data Sheet Management Manage SDSs electronically. Save time and money; inform and protect workers; and be environmentally responsible.50 Allowance, $12 Overage100 Allowance, $11 Overage500 Allowance, $10 Overage750 Allowance, $9 Overage
Print GHS Labels Make your own GHS or HMIS labels.
Chemical Inventory List Maintain a list of products that may be found in your work area with the phone and emergency service numbers that were provided by manufacturer on the product's safety data sheet.

Chemical Approvals Protect employees by requiring them to obtain approval before ordering, receiving, storing, or using any new chemical/product.
Material Tracking Records Track product/chemicals to generate instant emission reports; make generator status determinations; maintain compliance with TSCA, TRI, et al.
Waste Management System More effectively manage your waste. Generate a waste information profile. Obtain proper shipping information. Print labels. Schedule a shipment. Get waste reports.
Shipping Information Lookup Obtain proper shipping information for wastes to ensure it gets properly shipped.
Manage Waste Shipments Print waste labels and manifests. Ship waste using approved vendors. Get reports on shipments.
Online Course Rates Simple site-specific training courses available.Standard5% Discount20% Discount35% Discount
Environmental Reporting Access our environmental reporting system to obtain instant reports, such as products containing listed ingredients, air emissions reports, etc.
Products Containing Listed Ingredients Discover what chemicals contain harmful ingredients. Avoid relying solely on hazards stated by the manufacturer, which are often disguised to help sell their product. Become informed, purchase less harmful products, ensure adequate control measures are in place, and help protect employees and the environment.
Air Emissions Report Build highly customizable emissions reports based on what products are emitted, their emission data, control devices, areas, and material tracking records.
Storm Water and Groundwater Flow Calculators for NetDMR reporting and to assist in groundwater remediation
Compliance Assurance The compliance assurance system contains features specifically designed to help maintain compliance
Compliance Calendar Keep all employees on track by storing environmental, health, and safety events in one place. Easily add reoccurring events such as inspections, safety meetings, reporting deadlines, etc.
Management of Change Requests Mitigate issues that result from change by managing change in your facility.
Regulatory Resources Get access to federal, state, et al. regulatory resources.
Compliance Files Keep all your EHS files in one easily accessible place.
Emergency Call Center Obtain immediate critical response information for incidents involving dangerous goods and hazardous materials 24/7.
Custom Theme matches the front page, header, footer, and style to your brand.
Facilities Included Having multiple helps segregate your data.11410
User Accounts55075Unlimited
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All of the plans above include:

99.9% uptime and regular scheduled backups
Support, maintenance, and updates
Easily manage user credentials and permissions
256-bit SSL encryption, web traffic monitoring, and brute force protection

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