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What Sets Us Apart

Independent Expertise

JNH has skilled professionals who are dependable and experienced. Our expert staff lives, breathes, and thinks about our clientele's environmental, health, and safety needs. We incorporate the latest federal, state, local, and tribal regulations to ensure they stay on top. We are not directly tied to any third party companies and do not promote any company's products or services. Therefore, we always provide an independent perspective.

Quality Services

Since our inception, JNH has stood out for delivering high-quality services. Quality is always a priority and a strong corporate value. No matter which of our services you require, our professionals ensure that you will always receive quality service.

Reliable and Trusted

JNH is sturdy, both financially and in our ability to deliver. We continue to invest in systems, equipment, and a workforce that will help you accomplish your goals and maintain compliance. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted environmental service companies.


  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Across the country, companies rely on JNH's turnkey waste management services. Our waste management experts: characterize your waste and generate waste information profiles; determine the most competitive disposal/recycling facility for each waste stream using our corporate networks and rates.

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  • EHS Compliance Audits

    EHS Compliance Audits

    Facilities are often uncertain what areas are out of compliance with requirements, such as EPA, DOT, IATA, ISO, OSHA, PSM, vendors/suppliers, etc. A confidential unobtrusive compliance audit from JNH will provide your company with knowledgeable insight and corrective actions that will help steer your company towards compliance.

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  • Training


    Your company and its workforce may not fully understand the processes involved in achieving and maintaining compliance. JNH turns complex regulatory requirements into simple training sessions designed for your employees.

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  • EHS Compliance Center™

    EHS Compliance Center™

    The EHS Compliance Center™ helps organizations adhere to the latest compliance standards, streamlines a business' internal processes to make the company and its employees more efficient. It helps companies achieve and maintain compliance, train employees, prevent incidents, and eliminate fines due to non-compliance.

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  • Phase I, II, III, and IV

    Phase I, II, III, and IV

    The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with a site. JNH's Phase I ESAs are conducted in accordance with the newest ASTM International (ASTM) Standard Practices and satisfy the requirements to perform all appropriate inquiry for the purpose of the Landowner Limited Protections specified in 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) § 312.

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  • Compliance Services

    Compliance Services

    Environmental compliance can have a significant impact upon the continuing operation, financial position, and reputation of a company. JNH offers a wide range of environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) compliance services, including but not limited to: preparing environmental reports, data quality reviews, compliance audits, specialized consultation support, emergency planning support, and permit development.

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  • Management Systems

    Management Systems

    JNH designs custom environmental management system (EMS) to management organization environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned, and documented manner.

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  • Permitting


    Regulations concerning developments vary widely and are constantly changing. JNH has consulted on many types of projects across the world ranging from simple paint booth constructions to complex industrial research facilities.

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  • Regulatory Reporting

    Regulatory Reporting

    JNH is experienced and can help. Over the years, we have handled numerous reporting requirements. We will turn your complex painstaking regulatory reporting requirements into an easy "sign here" form for submittal.

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  • Industrial Vacuuming, Decontamination, and Cleaning

    Industrial Vacuuming, Decontamination, and Cleaning

    Because the cleanliness of a facility may not always be a priority, production related materials can buildup in a workplace. Even if these materials were not listed as hazardous, high concentrations of them could be harmful to employees' health and safety.

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  • Site Remediation

    Site Remediation

    JNH has extensive capabilities and experience in soil and groundwater contaminated site remediation. We determine the extent of target analytes and their migration pathway. We specialize in clean-up, containerizing, labeling, manifesting, shipping, and disposal of contaminated and hazardous waste.

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  • Noise Assessment

    Noise Assessment

    JNH has been conducting noise assessment for years. The objective of our assessments is to obtain noise dosimetry measurements of personal noise exposures over the work day and measure various noise sources. Personal noise exposures are measured using NoisePro DL personal noise dosimeters (or equivalent).

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  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

    Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

    Industrial hygiene testing helps to anticipate, recognize, and evaluate hazards and recommend controls to protect the health and well-being of workers and the environment. In addition, industrial hygiene testing assists employers with determining the extent of employee exposure to hazards and deciding what control measures to implement.

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  • Lighting Assessment

    Lighting Assessment

    The safety of a work environment is dependent on proper levels of light. A lighting assessment report, also referred to as a lighting survey, provides a measurement of the current conditions of lighting systems and the areas which are lighted.

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  • Safety Manuals

    Safety Manuals

    Safety manuals are an often overlooked integral part of any new process. Our safety specialists are readily available to author your next safety manual.

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  • Emissions Report

    Emissions Report

    Users of the EHS Compliance Center™ can obtain an emission report for internal and regulatory reporting purposes in real-time using the emission reporting feature. This feature uses regulatory compatible algorithms to turn data from material tracking records, safety data sheets, reportable ingredients, department areas, control devices, and other sources into easily understandable reports.

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JNH Environmental Services, Inc. (JNH) is a leading consulting and engineering firm that provides a wide range of environmental, health, and safety services. The firm serves numerous nationally recognized, well-established and financially sound companies throughout the world. JNH traces its roots back to the 1990s when we first started providing consulting services. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted environmental service companies in the United States.

We offer a wide range of turnkey services and work for clients throughout numerous industries including but not limited to aerospace, construction, defense, manufacturing, automotive, and pulp and paper. We are not attached to any other company and, therefore, provide independent services and advice based on sound facts and regulations.

Many of our employees are in constant transit. They travel all over the continental United States providing numerous services to our clientele. Our workforce is comprised of individuals primarily trained in environmental protection, occupational health, workplace safety, systems design, and engineering.

Our clientele trust in our experience, knowledge, confidentially, and commitment and we are thankful for their long-term relationships.

It is the Mission of JNH to protect human health and the environment and to provide innovative reliable solutions to our clients, consistently outperform our competitors, allow for steady and sustainable growth, and produce predictable earnings for our shareholders.